Beautzy Blog featured on 15 Minute Beauty + Puppy-Fueled Vacay

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Hello, hello! I’m almost back from my blogging vacation, but before I return, I have some news to share with you first.

Beautzy Blog was featured on 15 Minute Beauty! [screenshot above] I was so excited to see my travel bag must-haves on the lovely Christine’s site. There, I share my basic 2-day travel makeup items that I take with me every trip. I haven’t been traveling as much these last 2 months, but before that, I was in LA at least twice a month. I had my makeup kit packed to a science – what I could build upon, what could be blended to create certain colors, and more. Check it out.

Secondly, I decided to take a blogging vacation to focus on my new, furry little 4-pawed friend (If only I could take a work vacation!). The hubby and I rescued a happy pup a few weeks ago and I wanted to better help our new guy get acclimated to his forever home. We’ve never had anything bigger than a hamster, so it’s taking us a while to get used to the change, too. Kobe Brave is almost 5 months now, and he owns the couch. Ehhh, I’m not even sorry. His training is going well, and I’m glad he’s learning commands and not chewing up important stuff: couch, drapes, tables. He’s sticking to chewing up his blankets and toys. Second to rescuing him, puppy classes is the best decision we have made since the day we got him.

I’ll be back next week with new posts. Stay tuned!

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