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BeautieSocial on Indiegogo
Hey, everyone! If you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen me mention an upcoming blog I’ve been working on with @iheartoffbeat called BeautieSocial.

BeautieSocial is set to launch later this year, and it will be a beauty + lifestyle blog that rewards its members with beauty products.

BeautieSocial on Indiegogo - makeup, beautyWe’re merging blogging and beauty sample bags into one fun site. Not only will we share our thoughts, reviews and hot finds, but when you interact with our blog by rating, reviewing or sharing, you’ll earn points toward free beauty sample bags. There is no cost to you as a member.


I’m a huge fan of sample bags & boxes like ipsy, Birchbox, Glossybox and countless others. How can you not like a sweet surprise in the mail?! If you could get those surprises for free by interacting with a blog and their posts, wouldn’t you want to join?

We currently have a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We are almost finished with the website, but we need assistance to complete important key areas of our business before we can launch.

We have put together some great contribution perks I think you’ll enjoy – like BeautieSocial points (so you can start off ahead of the game!) and makeup. And as a reader of this blog, I have created a special perk for Beautzy Blog readers only. Click here to see what it is!

Ladies & gents, even a $1 contribution can make a dent toward our goal. =D

If you have any feedback on our campaign or have any suggestions or perks you would like to see, feel free to contact me.



  1. The “click here to see what it is” link takes me to a 404 error page. This sounds great! Is there a way to sign up for a notification when it launches?

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