BA STAR Eyeshadow Palette in Midnight Smoky + EOTD

BA Star Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Smoky I was lucky enough to receive this pretty palette to try from BA Star, and overall I’m pleasantly pleased. This is the first BA Star product I’ve ever used, so it’s exciting to receive an instant hit.

BA Star Eyeshadow Palette in Midnight Smoky is a 5-pan palette perfect for evening glam or party looks. There are 4 very shimmery colors and one matte black, great for lining and defining.

The eyeshadows are all very smooth, with a soft texture that is like butter. They all feel creamy to the touch, except for the matte black, although that one is very smooth, too.

BA Star Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight SmokyI was worried this cool based palette wasn’t going to look good on my tan skin tone, so I applied the eyeshadow with a light touch. The blue and grays really worked well together. And even though I applied it lightly, the pigmentation on this palette is incredible! I can see why performers like these products. They’re saturated with color and blend incredibly easy.

BA STAR Eye shadow palette

BA Star Makeup

The only con I have with this palette is the white is overly glittery. I wish it contained less shimmer and was more of a champagne color to highlight, not stark white. But I completely understand that BA Star is stage makeup geared toward performers. The colors need to stand out and pop with glitter! And it’s not that hard for me to open up another palette and grab a neutral matte shade for under my brows – so I’m ok with it. =D

Even though this is performance makeup, you can definitely wear these colors daily. They’ll last all day with the Glitter Glue primer, and the palette only costs $8.75!

Visit for more information and to check out their other great palettes.

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