Bachelorette Party Idea: Goody Bags {Medium-High Cost}

goody-bags1-1I hope you enjoyed my first bachelorette party idea on creating a fab Beauty Station for your event. In today’s bachelorette party idea post, I’m sharing the goody bags I put together for all the guests. I added both fun shindig essentials and gifts to create a unique bag. The cost on this can vary greatly, and it really just depends on what you want to include in the bags.

Goody Bags
Cost: Medium – High

Besides the goody bags for the bachelorette party, I also put together goody beer mugs for the soon-to-be-husband’s bachelor party, so a lot of money went here. Because there were 9 people in the bachelorette party (not including myself or the guys’ mugs), I had to think of ways of not overspending while also making an awesome bag.

To Start – I picked up a 10-pack of pink lunch baggies at Dollar Tree, cut them in half and created the stickers myself using large address labels I already had. You can also use cardstock and glue them on so you don’t have to spend money on labels/stickers.

Bachelorette Party Goody Bag ContentsThe essentials, like wet wipes, razors, gum, antacids, Band-Aids and even the Advil I was able to pick up at Dollar Tree, and I bought a couple packs of each to fill 9 bags.

For the nail polish, I purchased several at Ulta and others I received in subscription boxes. I don’t really blog about polish, so it’s better to give them away than to keep and not use.

I also included a lip gloss in each bag. Some bags had Stila lip glosses I bought at Ulta for $5 each (yes – only $5!), and others had Napoleon Perdis lip glosses from a set I purchased.

I went to Total Wine & More to buy 99-cent mini-bottles of alcohol, and picked up NoDoz at the drugstore in 4-packs. (Funny thing – none of them were drank, so this might be something you leave out or purchase only a couple.) And candy is always fun to include – everyone loves it and they make great fillers.

Total – I spent about $12 per bag, factoring in there were 2 boyz with us and I had to create slightly different bags for them. {This does not include the additional spent on gifts for the bride}

$108 for everything isn’t bad, but if you’re on a tight budget there are changes you can make:

  • If you want to include nail polish, go to the drugstore and buy LA Girl or similar. LA Girl is inexpensive but a nice brand.
  • Instead of Stila or Napoleon Perdis gloss, use NYX lippies! Ulta almost always has a BOGO50 sale on them, and they offer a printable $3.50 off $10 coupon. Take a friend and make separate purchases. OR check out your local dollar stores and Big Lots. Sometimes I see fab discontinued products, like L’Oreal glosses or inexpensive packs of name brand lip balm.
  • Don’t include NoDoz or Redbull, whatever your poison of choice is. Buy only a few for the group.
  • Instead of packaging funny little bags of Advil & antacid for each person, just bring your bottles from home. You can make a little sign similar to the stickers I attached to the bags: ‘In case of an “OH SHIT!” hangover, take one of each.’


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