Bachelorette Party Idea: Beauty Station {Low-Cost}

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Last weekend I had the honor of hosting a bachelorette party for my sister-in-law. She’s getting married in August, and because I know how hectic things are a few weeks before the wedding, June 21st was the perfect day to enjoy a girl’s weekend! It’s not so close to the wedding that things will be too hectic, and not too far that girls will be wondering, “why so early?”

Several goodies I created for the party I’m going to share with you. Today I’ll show you the Beauty Station I created, and in upcoming posts I’ll share the goody bags I gave the attendees and the Pinterest-inspired darling kiss frame we gave the bride.

Beauty Station
Cost: Low using products you already have

Because I love all things beauty and travel alot, I knew I had to create this Beauty Station for the bachelorette party. It’s more of a just in case corner – shareable products you need that you might have forgotten to bring. And woo – that always happens to me, so I figured it might happen to some of the girls attending.

Since we rented a larger 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom hotel suite, I set up the Beauty Station in one corner of the larger bathroom’s separate sink area.

To start – I purchased an inexpensive frame at Dollar Tree and created the sign myself.

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For my Beauty Station, I included basic things like lotion, body wash, sunscreen and (not pictured) hairspray , but I also threw in various other items that a person might need: dry shampoo, face moisturizer, body spray, deodorant wipes, after sun care, shaving cream, hair styling products, earrings, cute hair tie, and probably the most important – glitter.

Some products in the station I purchased and already had – like the Violet Voss Glitters and Tresemme Dry Shampoo, but everything else was either a sample I received and haven’t used or came in a monthly subscription box, like ipsy or Birchbox. Finally a way to use your extra subscription box products!

Influenster #VowVoxBox imageI was also incredibly fortunate to receive my Influenster #VowVoxBox before this event. From that box I included Pure Silk Shaving Cream, Olay Regenerist Tone Perfecting Cream, and Sally Hansen Nail Polish to my perfect Beauty Station corner.

[Also included in my #VowVoxBox was a Tide To-Go pen I kept in my purse for emergency bachelorette party stain situations and EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge I kept for myself!]

I was ecstatic this came before the bachelorette party because shaving cream and face moisturizer were 2 products I didn’t have to share.

Bachelorette Party Idea Image - Hair extensionsLastly, I found some colorful hair extensions from last Halloween that I never used, so I added that to my beauty corner, and wouldn’t you know – those were the most popular items. Glad I brought 4!

All in all, I spent practically nothing on this corner. I had everything in house, so this attractive idea was very, very low cost. And of course, sanitary! You know I like to keep things clean, so I had spatulas for the facial cream and everything else was either spray, pour or single use.

If you don’t have very many products, add your own hair styling products to the Beauty Station and pick up small, travel sized items at the drugstore, like antiperspirant, body wash and lotion. Those will all run about $1 – $2 each. Another option is to save all your samples! When you receive samples from stores like Sephora, save them to use in your station. Stack them nicely and you will still be able to have an uber cute, low-cost and sanitary beauty corner.


  1. This is an AWESOME idea!!
    Elizabeth Diaz recently posted…Kylie Jenner-Inspired Makeup (Drugstore Products ONLY!)My Profile

  2. Katie says:

    Would you be willing to send a copy of the sign you made? Thanks!

    • Beautzy says:

      Of course! I don’t have the file on the computer I’m at now, but I’ll email it once I get to my 2nd computer.

  3. jennifer b. says:

    What a great idea! So helpful and useful for everyone at the event!!

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