Ashley Bridget Cinderella-Inspired Favorites


I’ve spoken several times on this blog and on Facebook about my love for Ashley Bridget bracelets. They are well made, do not look like cheap bargain jewelry, and Ashley Bridget almost always has a sale of 50% off. [Right now, get a whopping 60% off with code YOU60. =D]

When I’m looking for cute jewelry, I head there first.

My absolute favorite Disney princess is Ariel. I’ve watched The Little Mermaid countless times, and my Ariel-inspo jewelry from Ashley Bridget gets many compliments. But recently, I’ve fallen in love with Cinderella again. My husband gifted me with some Cinderella items a month ago, and I think that sparked my interest once more.

Because of my rejuvenated interest, I had to check out to see if they had any Cinderella bracelets available. No surprise – they do!

Enchanted Bracelet

Ashley Bridget Cinderella Inspired - enchanted bracelet

Key to My Heart Bracelet Ashley Bridget Cinderella Inspired - key to my heart bracelet

Cinderelly Bracelet Ashley Bridget Cinderella Inspired - cinderelly bracelet

Dream Bracelet Ashley Bridget Cinderella Inspired - dream bracelet

Ashley Bridget offers 4 Cinderella-inspired bracelets in their Fairy Tale Collection, all of them in blue and silver tones. Each of the 4 bracelets contain 5 thinner bracelets fastened together by two silver clasps.

My favorite of the four is Dream. The tiara on the top layer of the bracelet is adorable.

Since I have two Ariel-inspired bracelets, it’s only fair that I pick up two Cinderella-esque bracelets. At least in my mind [winky face]. Besides Dream, I’m torn between Key to My Heart and Enchanted. How many is too many?

You can check out all 4 bracelets here. And don’t forget to use code YOU60 for 60% off. Which Ashley Bridget bracelet is your fave?

All photos are from This post is not sponsored, but written in part of a Twitter contest. All opinions are my own and not affected by any prize or promo product.

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