Ashley Bridget Alice in Wonderland + The Little Mermaid Inspired Bracelets

Ashleyy Bridget Bracelets Review |

I don’t click on a lot of Facebook ads. Most of the time, I’ll see something attractive I want, like a t-shirt that says my dog’s name or a “free” makeup brush, and those I can easily bypass. They don’t draw me in.

But I kept seeing cute bracelets from Ashley Bridget pop up in my feed. And they kept getting cuter and cuter. I love The Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland, so when those bracelets kept showing up in my Facebook news feed, I had to give in. I could only hold out for so long!

I first read reviews on different blogs to make sure Ashley Bridget was trustworthy and legit, and everything I read was positive about this company. So I placed my order using a 60% off code + free shipping over $50.

I purchased 2 The Little Mermaid inspired bracelets and one Alice in Wonderland inspired bracelet. Everything looked exactly how it appeared online – beautiful and charming. [I apologize in advance for the photos. I quickly took them with my phone.]

Kiss the Girl Bracelet (also available in silver)

Ashleyy Bridget Kiss The Girl The Little Mermaid inspired Bracelet |

Mermaid Bracelet

Ashleyy Bridget The Little Mermaid inspired Bracelet |

Absolutely Mad Bracelet (also available in silver)

Ashleyy Bridget Absolutely Mad Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter inspired Bracelet |

The bracelets all come with an adjustable strap, and they are large enough to fit my fluffy wrist. And by fluffy, I mean fat. The chains look like brass, but feel a little flimsy. So far, they are holding up well, so even if they look flimsy, they are not. And they have not left green marks on my arms, which is great because most fashion jewelry tends to do so. Yay for no green marks!

The bracelets themselves look like great quality. I love the eccentric details each bracelet carries – the little dinglehoppers intertwined with a ship wheel or sea stars and the Mad Hatter’s hat with the bow tie – they are well put together and make these bracelets unique. I can’t decide on a favorite. They are all too pretty.

Ashleyy Bridget Stacked Bracelets |

Ashley Bridget almost always has a sale going on, which is great because as much as I love these bracelets, I would not pay full price for them. So as long as I have a 50% off code, I will continue to add more to my collection.

Check out all of the bracelets, including the 50 Shades of Grey inspired and Frozen inspired ones on [Use code FALL for 60% off all products. Valid as of today 9/9/15.]

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