Are you going to IMATS LA?

IMATS LA 2014I’m very excited to be attending IMATS LA. I didn’t go last year, which almost killed me, so I’m more than ecstatic to go this year.

I won’t be going Saturday or Sunday. Instead, I chose to take a Master Class by one of my makeup idols, Kevin James Bennett. He’ll be discussing the foundations of makeup – the science of color theory as it relates to makeup.

After the class, I’ll be heading over to Crown Brush Beauty Blogger Event. Nix from Face Off will be appearing and Crown will be featuring some new products.

After that, I’ll be headed over to IMATS Pro Night until 7pm. I already know I’m going to spend way too much money and regret my purchases the next day! =P

Although I’m bummed I won’t attend Saturday or Sunday, I still get a full class, blogger event, and shopping time. It’s going to a long but exciting day!

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