Adventures of a 30-Something Makeup School Student – Part 1: Choosing the School & How I Got Here

Adventures of a 30 Something Makeup School StudentSome girls know exactly what they want and they go for it. This is not a story about those kinds of girls. I’m Linda. I’m 30-something, and I’m a brand new makeup artist.

Welcome to my 3-post series about my adventures of wanting to become a makeup artist. In these 3 posts, I’ll share personal information about myself, choosing a school, life at April Love Pro Makeup Academy, and photos of my makeup work while at school. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact me or leave a comment below.

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It was about 2009 when I initially yearned to become a makeup artist. I always had a love for makeup & beauty and thought makeup artists were amazing, but never thought it was something I could accomplish. I don’t know why I kept putting myself down. I felt “too old,” as if I should have started right out of high school or in my early 20s. Too old? I’m still young! (I also had “a friend” who constantly reminded me going back to school was a stupid decision and makeup artists make no money. Obviously, it’s not about the money – it’s about the desire.)

I went back and forth on the decision, watching tutorials, trying different looks… but that was about it. I was too busy in my own life to slow down and try something new.

Finally, in early 2012 I started taking some makeup classes at a fairly new makeup school, but had to stop because I was getting married later that year. Every last dollar went to my wedding, and S.O.B. – weddings are freaking expensive. I thought I planned a simple one, but we went way over budget.

I stopped taking the classes, but I didn’t stop learning. I still went online and watched tutorials. I still played with makeup. I still bought pro products so I could practice on friends – up until 4 months before the wedding. Then (outside of my job) it became all about the wedding. (If you’re married or have been married, I’m sure you know how it is!)

Our Wedding 10-11-12A few weeks after the wedding, everything went back to normal. The way it was before I started learning about makeup artistry.

A few months went by, and I was busy working my regular job and working part-time designing pieces for a Texas-based company. Still addicted to watching tutorials and reading about artists like Kevin James Bennett and Mama Make Up, I put my foot down, stopped doubting myself and said, ” SCREW IT! I’m going to become a makeup artist.”

I pulled out my makeup kit and started researching more schools. My dream makeup school has and will always be Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Hollywood. I was ready to sign up and make my first payment, but at the same time I had to go in for emergency dental repair. Even with dental insurance, it cost me over $1000. I don’t know what was worse – the pain my mouth was in or not being able to attend NP now that their payment plan no longer worked for me. I was crushed, but my health was more important.

I researched more schools – read their reviews, looked at the scheduling and toured several to view their facilities. I needed to find a school I really liked that had real, honest reviews written about them. I also checked out all my top schools on social media to see how they interact with people. When selecting a school, it’s important to do your research – tour the school, ask questions and google experiences.

I thought I had found my school when a friend recommended I tour April Love Pro Makeup Academy. After touring ALPMA, I fell in love with the school and April Love herself. Their payment plan also worked with me. Two weeks later, I was in my first class.

April Love Pro Makeup Academy / SchoolIt took me a long time to finally get there, but I got there. That was the first goal. My next goal is my first paid job, but that is still a little while away.

You don’t need to go to makeup school to become a makeup artist, but school was a choice I wanted. I wanted to have a fun classroom setting and instructors helping me perfect my skills. I wanted to be able to watch makeup artists create looks up close. I wanted feedback and instruction from actual people and not just watch online tutorials.

I’m so happy I made the decision to attend ALPMA! I learned so much about applications, formulas, products and faces. I am not letting anything get me down. Who cares if I’m in my 30s and beginning a new journey? I’m still plenty young. I’m having fun and I’m doing something that makes me happy.

Stay tuned for the next adventure: Part 2: Life at April Love Pro Makeup Academy


  1. ~S says:

    I can’t believe that I stumbled upon this blog post while researching makeup schools. Your old blog had a redirection message and a snippet of a picture from your new blog site. In that snippet I saw the title “Adventures of a 30-something Makeup School Student” and knew I had to find that post. I too am a 30-something student seeking a makeup school, and your post sounded so similar to my story… deciding to take on a new venture well past my 20’s, doubting myself, feeling too old, hitting a roadblock, getting back on track with pursuing this interest and finally going for it!!!! I’m finalizing my research and can’t wait to begin and take in all of the information, while honing my skills. I’m excited for this new journey and it feels good to know that there are others out there in my same boat. I wish you the best!

    • Beautzy says:

      Hi S! I’m glad you found my post! Deciding to say “Screw it” to all the doubt and just going for it was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I’m still practicing and learning, but it’s exciting going through this new journey. I hope you find a school you like and wish you luck! =) If you have any questions, let me know.

  2. Candice says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve wanted to attend makeup artistry class for a very long time. This June marks my 34th birthday and I feel very much the same…am I too old, can I really afford to take this gamble, am I just being crazy? I’m questioning my school selection, not because I doubt the credentials..I’ve wanted to attend MUD since I was 17. But I am a mama of 3 and I need to be realistic with my time. I’m starting to think I’ll need to be me localized are you familiar with any of the OC selections…like Empire Academy of makeup? Thank you again.
    Warmest regards

    • Beautzy says:

      That’s one thing I’ve fought with and learned: you are never too old to begin a new career. I’ve heard great things about MUD and it looks like an amazing school, but it is pricey! I haven’t heard any feedback on Empire Academy. Have you thought about attending Phamexpo in Pasadena? There are several makeup schools exhibiting. =)

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