8 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

8 Last Minute Christmas Gift & Present Ideas | www.beautzy.com

I’m not proud to say it, but here it goes: I’m a huge procrastinator. HUGE! I wait until the last minute on almost everything, including Christmas gifts for family and friends. I finally went shopping yesterday, but was not able to purchase everything I needed. Since the malls and major stores are insane right now, I’m looking to fill in the few last-minute gifts I need without having to trudge through a department store again.

If you’re a last-minuter like me, here are some great gifts you can still get… even on Christmas:

1. Gift Cards and Cash
This is at the top of the list because it’s such an easy go-to; I don’t care how impersonal these may be. I always love receiving cards and cash, so I know others would, too. Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid all have a great selection of gift cards for a number of stores: Sephora, Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, Starbucks… you get the gist. You can also opt for VISA or Mastercard prepaid cards. I gave a prepaid card to my 8-year old nephew who loved it. He said he felt like he had a real credit card. LOL. 

2. Groupon Deals
If you want something a bit more personal than a gift card, purchase a local deal on Groupon you think the giftee would like. Makeup lessons and applications, meal delivery, massages, sweet treats from a bakery – the list goes on and on. Then just print out the Groupon, put it in a card and there you have it – a fun last minute gift with some thought.

3. Beauty Boxes
The possibility of goodies to come in the mail is always exciting. Why not gift your friend a one month or 3-month beauty, candy or geek box subscription so they can still get surprised after the holidays? [I have a list here of some great ones, most of which do not auto-renew so you don’t even have to remember to cancel.] Print out the receipt, put it in a card, and voila – the perfect gift for your awesome friend. Beauty boxes start at $10, so it’s really your choice how much you want to spend. BONUS: if you get a 3-month sub, they’ll be pumped each month they receive a box.

If you really want to make an impact with a beauty box gift, get some of your own beauty box samples and put them together in a box, then include the subscription receipt in the box. It will be like a preview of what’s to come.

4. Wine
A bottle of good wine (or Fireball is your recipient prefers that!) is an easy gift to give and wrap – just add a bow.

5. Concert or Sporting Event Tickets
I’m just saying – I wouldn’t mind tickets to see Sublime or watch a basketball game. But remember to buy 2 tickets.

6. Candy Basket
Who doesn’t love candy?! This is a great gift for someone you don’t know too well, like a coworker, but to make it cute, this needs a little DIY. Grab some candy, decorations and a basket from Target or Walgreens, then create a fun and delicious treat basket.

7. Baked Goods
If you’re handy in the kitchen, whip up some tasty treats. You could also include the recipe on an index card for an extra special touch.

8. Anything Online…
Lastly, if none of these ideas float your boat, purchase any gift online and have it shipped to the recipients house directly. [Target is currently offering free shipping!] Print out the receipt and place it in a Christmas card so they know it’s on the way. Tacky? Who cares! You bought them something awesome.

DON’T FORGET – always always visit ebates.com before you shop online. You can get rebates back from shopping at your favorite stores. Click on your preferred site through ebates, shop, and you’ll receive a percentage back in your ebates account, which they send to you via Paypal or check.

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