6 Normal Things Regular People Do that are Actually Pretty Gross

6 Things regular people do that are actually pretty grossOk people – let’s talky hygiene. I’m not a clean freak nor germ-a-phobe, but I do believe in good hygiene & keeping clean with daily showers and several hand washes throughout the day. I always carry a mini-bottle of Purell Moisture Therapy with me and use it when I can’t wash my hands, like after pumping gas or grocery shopping. I guess I can be a bit of a germ crazy chica sometimes, but I’m ok with that.

I started thinking about the normal things we do day-to-day and how gross they actually are. Not until you stop and think do you realize what germs you are putting into your body. Blecch! And yes, we do need some germs to keep our immune system strong, but I don’t need to lick my keyboard to do that.

1. Using bathroom seat covers to blot your face
I’ve had several friends admit, and even Sarah Jessica Parker admitted to using toilet seat covers from the restroom stalls to blot their face. If you use a brand new package not yet in the bathroom, I’m ok with that. But taking a seat cover that has been in the stall for days on end, getting splattered by a cloud of bacteria during each flush is pretty unsanitary.

2. Touching the menu, then eating
Of course we all do this. I still do. You order, give the waiter your menu, then eat your grub. What’s so wrong about that? What’s wrong is the number of times that menu was touched by different restaurant patrons – patrons that have boogery, feces ridden, crotch touching fingers. And now you have it, too.

3. Touching your face
This is something I’m trying to stop doing – touching my face all day. I open doors, type on my keyboard, play with my hair… and all that dirt gets transferred to my face when I touch it. Hello, pimples!

And with that comes:
4. Biting your nails
Another hard one for me. Like I said above, my hands are busy all day long and no matter how many times I sanitize and wash my hands, they are still germy after regular activities. Because I’m a nail biter, all those germs get in my mouth and just thinking about it makes me gag.

5. Not washing your hands after a restroom visit
Ok… This doesn’t quite fit this list because in my mind, I think regular people wash their hands after using a public restroom. But I have seen it time and time again: people coming out of their stall, fixing their hair in the mirror, and then walking out of the bathroom. I especially notice this in older people, 70s and up. I’m not knocking them, it’s just something I noticed. Public bathrooms are disgusting, and not washing your hands means taking all that flying feces to-go.

6. Trying on cosmetics at the department store
Why, oh, why would you apply something to your eyes or lips that a hundred people have touched before you? From herpes to pink eye, there are a number of things you could catch by applying that pretty pop of pink to your face. And no – it’s not “the same as a makeup artist.” I’ve heard that one several times. A reputable makeup artist cleans his or her tools and products, and most of the time will scrape their cream or liquid based products onto a palette so no transfer occurs. Many stores will take a return even after you’ve tried the product, like Rite-Aid and Sephora. Buy the lipstick, try it at home, then return it if it’s not your color.

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