5 Makeup Must Haves for New Year’s Eve That You Can Buy Today


Are you ready for another year end? I’m incredibly excited for 2016 to begin since I have big plans in Oh-Six! This New Year’s Eve, though, I’ll be enjoying an evening with my mom and nephews… there is no big party this year for me. But if you’ll be heading out into the streets of New York, LA or anywhere in between, here are 5 must have products for your NYE look, all of which you can buy today at your favorite stores.


1. Contouring Palette
It will be night time and most places will probably be dark. You can go crazy with the contour one last time in 2015. Try this NYX Conceal, Correct or Contour Palette in light or dark for less than $12 at Target or my ever-favorite Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette for $46 at Sephora. You’ll want your contour to last all night, so it’s best to layer powder over cream.


2. Glitter
Whether you want to shine with glitter eyeliner, glitter lips or glitter eyeshadow, glitter is a staple for me for New Year’s Eve. It’s the perfect day to create fun, sparkly looks without getting weird looks from everyone else. Just don’t forget the glitter glue!


3. Liquid Lipstick
It doesn’t matter if you choose a festive bright red or a 90’s nude, liquid lipstick (or any non-transfer lip product) is a definite must. You won’t have to worry about touch-ups all night, and when the clock strikes 12, your partner won’t get your lipstick on his or her face. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick is always a favorite, but I hear Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is amazing, too.


4. A Signature Scent
Because the sense of smell is closely linked with memory [article], you’ll want to be sure to leave a signature scent behind with whomever you’ll be enjoying the evening with. As much as I love Victoria Secret’s body sprays, those are much too common. Pick a scent you know your circle of friends do not wear, or try mixing a couple of scents together to create one specifically for you. Sephora has a number of great perfume sets available.


5. Setting Spray
You’ll want to be sure your makeup lasts ALL night. Apply a good primer and a great setting spray so you can party without makeup touch-ups. I love this one from Urban Decay, but if you don’t have time for Sephora, you can get this one by e.l.f. or this one by L’Oreal at both Walgreens and Target.

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