Recap: Fourth Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

Fourth Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference #LALLBLOG14I had a great time at this weekend’s 4th Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference at LA Mart in downtown LA. Unfortunately, I wasn’t unable to attend the amazing VIP kick-off party at Besame Cosmetics, but you can read about it here. I’m a sucker for anything vintage, so I was pretty bummed I had to work overtime that day.

#LALLBLOG14 is a yearly two-day conference that focuses on business development and growth for bloggers. They give you knowledge and insight on important blogger topics – like taxes, legal preparation and ethics.

#lallblog14 panelistsI arrived Friday around noon, just in time to catch the Legal 101 for Bloggers panel. Rosa Elena Sahagun is one of LA’s leading lawyers and let me tell you – she knows her stuff and was answering questions as fast as they were shooting out. Some basic points for bloggers to remember is to always get everything in writing and to follow up all phone conversations with a letter.

Creating a Digital Strategy to Promote and Grow your Blog was up next. The 4 panelists gave us key things brands are looking for and reminded us to always have an offline presence.

I ended day 1 with delicious cupcakes from A Sweet Design bakery in Granada Hills. These cupcakes are heaven! They were so delicious I had to take one to my husband.

A Sweet Design Bakery CupcakesOn Saturday we began the day with keynote speaker and model Patricia Velasquez. I have been testing out Taya Beauty shampoo and conditioner on my hair these past couple of weeks, and just found out Saturday she is the beauty behind the line!

Following the keynote, we learned about moving forward with your blog in the Not Just a Blogger panel. The 4 panelists made a career outside of their blog and shared their insight on how they did it. Next was SEO for Bloggers, and there was so much information given in the SEO for Bloggers panel that I really hope I wrote everything I needed down.

After SEO, we learned about Taxes for Bloggers and finished up with an interesting panel: The Ethics of Blogging. I won’t say too much about what I learned in that final panel, but I will say it’s always best to follow your heart, be transparent and don’t go against what you are.

There were also snacks, drinks and lunches served throughout the conference, and all-in-all, I am glad I attended with fellow beauty bloggers Alyssa and Elizabeth. Besides the knowledge the conference served up, it was a great way to network and meet other bloggers…

Lifestyle Bloggers Conference Goody Bag 1…and score this fabulous goody bag! I can’t wait to try it all, and the definite stand out of the bag was the JustFab Paulina Rubio collection purse, which Liz ever so kindly traded for a black bag I originally received. Thanks, Liz!

Lifestyle Bloggers Conference JustFab Paulina Rubio Spring purse


  1. So glad you enjoyed the conference! I hope to see you next year!

    • Beautzy says:

      I did! Can’t wait for 2015!

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