3 Excellent Uses for Evian Facial Spray

Evian Facial Spray Natural Mineral Water Review

One thing I love in the beauty product world is a multi-tasking product. Give me something I can use on my cheeks and lips or eyes and I’m happy. A dab here, a pinch there and I’m good to go!

This product is completely different, of course, as it has no color, but is a nice multi-tasking item I can use daily: Evian Facial Spray.

Evian Facial Spray Bottle

Evian Facial Spray is a natural mineral water that is suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive. I recently started adding this spray to my daily routine and found that I can use it several ways.

First, I use this after my skin care routine to add moisture to my skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day. Even though I have oily skin, it doesn’t react and make me more shiny. Just hydrated. I spray a short, fine mist, let it set, then use a tissue to pat the excess off. (You can also use it prior to your skin care, but I have yet to try it that way.)

I also use it as a setting spray. After my foundation and powder, I spray just a bit in a circular motion to allow my makeup to blend with my skin. I don’t think it adds any wear time, but it does make my makeup look more natural than without it.

Evian Spray Mist

The last way I’ve been using it is to turn eyeshadows into eyeliners. I spray my angled liner brush with Evian Facial Spray, then run my brush across my eyeshadow to use it as eyeliner.

So far, Evian Facial Spray has fit well into my makeup routine. I’ve read there are other ways to use this besides the 3 I listed: mixed with your foundation to thin it out and blend better, and throughout the day as a hydrating mist to refresh your face. Talk about multi-tasking!

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