15 Essential Items to Bring to a Blogger Conference


If you’re a fellow blogger or are looking to start a blog, attending a blogger conference is a smart idea. You’ll receive a wealth of information in just 1-2 days, and knowing the rights from the wrongs is a good way to start your blog journey. Plus, you get to meet a variety of new people during the event, and networking is actually a big part of blogging. [I’m shy as heck, but I still meet people during these events.]

I’ve been to several blog conferences over this last year, and because I have the memory of a goldfish, I always keep a list of necessities to pack.

Now if I could just sit down and work on getting my blog up to par, that would be great!

1. Business Cards
You’re going to meet a number of people and possible brands. You need to have business cards to give them. Why not store them in a cute business card holder?

2. Pen + Paper
Even if you bring along your iPad (see below), you’re probably still going to need to jot a few things down. Do not forget this! They are the easiest products to forget.

3. Tablet or Laptop [optional]
You’re going to receive invaluable information from speakers and presenters. You will not remember it all! If you’re comfortable typing on a tablet or laptop, use it to jot down all the notes. If you’re more comfortable with a pen + paper, use that instead.

4. Cell Phone + Back-Up Battery
You will tweet, fb and gram the conference away, so don’t forget your cell phone and a back-up battery if you have one. You can usually find an outlet for your charger, but that means you’ll have to hug the wall when your battery starts running low.

5. Camera [optional]
If your phone has a great camera, you probably won’t need to bring one. But if you have the luxury of bringing a DSLR or long-range zoom camera, do it. There may be times when either celebs are in attendance or all the front seats are taken and you’re seated in the back.

6. Mini Makeup Kit
You probably already have a touch-up kit in your purse. Conferences are long and photo-ops are everywhere. Midway through the conference, take a second to remove shine or reapply lipstick. [Of course, if you don’t wear makeup then you don’t have to worry about this!]

7. Breath Freshener
Whether you plan to speak to 100 people or not, take mints or breath strips. If you believe your breath reeks, you will not be comfortable. And don’t sit there smacking on gum. Conferences are usually casual, but chewing on gum while chatting with another person is unprofessional.

8. Water
Even though events usually offer beverages, I always need water. If I’m watching a great presentation, I will not want to get up from my chair when thirst strikes.

9. Spare Cash
Most of the time, your food & drink is included in the ticket, but you may need to tip someone: valet, bartender, barista, etc. And if food is not included, you’ll be glad you have spare cash for a sandwich, coffee or soda. All conferences are different, so you never know when you need those extra dollars in your pocket.

10. A Statement Piece
If the conference you are attending is very fashion-forward, wear a statement piece of fashion. It could be an awesome necklace, amazing purse or flattering bold-print dress. Compliments are the easiest way to spark up conversations with other people. [I wish I had worn one during LuckyFabb, but I was running late and left the house in a hurry!]

11. Comfy Shoes
Don’t cry at the end of the day when your heels pinch. Wear cute & comfortable shoes instead!

12. Your Pitch
Do you know what to say when someone asks, “What do you blog about?” Take a minute to think of a line or 2 that you can easily remember.

13. Media Kit [optional]
This is something you’ll learn at the conference, and if you’re very new to blogging, you probably won’t have one. If you know you’re going to be meeting a ton of brands, bring a media kit. The media kit will have all the info the brand needs to know about your blog. The Blog Maven has some great examples.

14. Roomate Gifts [optional]
If you’re attending a conference and have booked a hotel room with a roomie, take a little gift for her. I’ve never stayed overnight with someone I didn’t know, but I read it’s customary to bring a roommate gift. You don’t want to be red-faced if she gives you one and you don’t have one to reciprocate. It doesn’t have to be big – an eyeshadow single & a lipgloss is all it takes.

15. A Bag
You’ll need a bag to carry everything in, plus swag if it’s offered. Find a comfortable bag you can carry all day – a cross-body bag you can also sling around one shoulder is usually your best bet. Holding a large purse all day can get tiring.

IMPORTANT BONUS: If you really want to be prepared for anything that can happen, stick one of these Pinch Provision kits in your purse. It’s pretty much a femme survival kit gone mini. Inside you’ll find lip balm, breath freshener, deodorant swipe, hair spray and so much more.


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